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The Leak Finder Roofing Co.

The Leak Finder Roofing Company is a full service roofing company serving residential and commercial clients in the greater Denver area since 1986.

The Leak Finder Team has a great respect for the old ways of roofing it right.

Founder, George Heinisch, has been roofing since 1976 and over the years he has built the Leak Finder Roofing Company from his expert knowledge of roofing and his genuine desire to serve and help people.

If you are in a historical neighborhood or have a sensitive remodel Leak Finder Roofing will consider how to restore your roof with the original design in mind.  We recognize that the roofing industry lacks regulation and controlled standards leaving a tainted reputation in the minds of consumers.  Most roofers have access to the same materials. But it is our skill and talent in designing and constructing a whole roof system that sets us apart.  A Better Business Bureau member in Denver since 1988, at Leak Finder Roofing Company we bring a whole new level of knowledge and expertise to each job.