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Roof Repair

Repair or Replace?

Whether your roof is leaking, has sustained storm damage, or you seem to have faulty shingles, it can be difficult to discern whether your roof needs repairs or if it needs to be replaced. If your roof seems to have leaks due to wind, hail, or falling tree limbs, it is likely that your roof can be restored with repairs.

Shingles that are nailed incorrectly, sun-damaged, or missing altogether can also cause leaks. Your roof’s water-deflecting flashing, which is metal placed around protrusions in your roof (chimney, pipes, etc.), can also wear away, or may not have been installed correctly. RedCo Roofing can verify the cause of your leak and make the necessary repairs.

If you notice mold, rotting shingles in multiple areas, or if your roof is 15-20 years old and showing signs of water damage, it may be time to replace your roof entirely.

As you assess your roof, also check for other types of damage that may lead to other internal or external structural issues. Going forward, it’s also a good practice to inspect your roof once a year to prevent future problems.

When it comes to your roof and the safety of your home, always enlist the help from roofing professionals contact Leak Finder Roofing today for a free consultation

Emergency Services
Is your roof leaking? We can perform temporary emergency repairs. And in most cases the service fee is paid by your insurance. It is our goal to ensure that the necessary procedures are taken into consideration to protect your home from the damage of a leaky roof.

Not sure if you have damage? Often times, wind and hail damage is not visible from the ground. Our inspectors have the knowledge to pinpoint wind and hail damage to roofing, gutters, siding, paint, windows, fences, and a/c coils. You will be receive an honest evaluation performed by our experts everytime.

Project Planning
Once we have discussed all of your paperwork and project needs. We will check for any visible design flaws that require attention. Then discuss solutions on resolving any issues that are present. We will then show you high quality replacement materials and offer feedback from our many years of expertise on your selection. After your selection is made we will put your project into production. Once the project is completed and our factory trained quality control inspector signs off, we will schedule a walk through inspection with you to answer any questions assuring a job well done. Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction.

We will provide you with a written Leak Finder Labor and Manufacturer’s Warranty for all projects.